Cre.Sco Tours Experience Monselice through its crafts !!!!

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Dear guest, how are you ?

First of all: a warm welcome to our wonderful town! Have you ever thought about discovering our territory by experiencing it through crafts ?

If yes, here are the tours that will fit the bill !!!!

Cre.Sco tours are free experiential tours designed in order to invite you immerse in our local culture.

As the acronym Cre.Sco suggests = « I broaden out », through creating (creo), and discovering (scopro), you will be introduced to the history, the nature, the architecture and the local delights ; but most of all, you will meet our local artisans who will give you an exclusive opportunity of experiencing their crafts, by using your own hands.


Cre.Sco tours represent four main different excursions, each one related to a particular craft and topic.

Here they are !

  1. « What’s the second most consumed material in the world after water ?

Monselice and its ingenious construction: non-stop building through the ages ». – Esperimental and Creative Sculpture workshop 

When : on Thursday – from 9 :30 to 14 :30

Muximum number of participants allowed : 10 guests

  1. « Pottery fragments of Monselice » – From Pre-Roman archeological finds to pottery craft experienced as Art Therapy. – Ceramic workshop

 When : on Friday – from 14 :30 to 18 :30

Muximum number of participants allowed : 8 guests



  1. « Engage your Five Senses » ! Experiential tour at the 1st Italian Zero mile Farmer’s Market. – Food tasting and « Agriculture wokshop »


When : on Saturday from 9 :00 to 12 :30

Muximum number of participants allowed : 20 guests



4 : Experiential tour at medieval organic farm « La Pignara » – Discovering the different cereals and learning how to grind wheat by hand. – Ancient flour grinding workshop


When : on Saturday from 15 :30 to 19 :00

Muximum number of participants allowed : 15 guests



Cre.Sco tours are :


  • free
  • experiential
  • slow
  • sustainable
  • people and eco-friendly
  • suitable for everybody
  • safe
  • exciting
  • interesting
  • relaxing
  • exclusive





In order to take part in one or more tours of ours, the reservation is mandatory and must be made at least 72 hours in advance by email.


These tours will be available also in English only upon previous request.


For information and reservation, please email the following address :






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